Source code for textworld.generator.user_query

# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the MIT license.

User interface using urwid
from typing import List, Optional, Dict
import urwid
from itertools import compress

from import EntityInfo
from textworld.logic import Proposition, State, Action, Signature
from more_itertools import flatten

[docs]class UrwidWarningDialog(urwid.WidgetWrap): """ Generic message dialog with no text, suitable for warnings. """ signals = ['close'] def __init__(self, msg_text: str): message_text = urwid.Text(msg_text) close_button = urwid.Button('Close') urwid.connect_signal(close_button, 'click', lambda _: self._emit('close')) pile = urwid.Pile([message_text, close_button]) fill = urwid.Filler(pile) super().__init__(urwid.AttrWrap(fill, 'popbg'))
[docs]class UrwidQuestQuerier(urwid.PopUpLauncher): """ UI class for query_for_important_quests """ def __init__(self, checkboxes: List[urwid.CheckBox]): self.checkboxes = checkboxes self.action_cancelled = False # set up user interaction label = urwid.Text('Select which final facts caused you to win the game:') confirm_button = urwid.Button('Confirm', on_press=self.confirm_button_clicked) cancel_button = urwid.Button('Cancel', on_press=self.cancel_button_clicked) # layout combined_pile = urwid.Pile([label] + self.checkboxes + [confirm_button, cancel_button]) filler = urwid.Filler(combined_pile) super().__init__(filler)
[docs] def confirm_button_clicked(self, _): checked_boxes = [cb.state for cb in self.checkboxes if cb.state] if len(checked_boxes) == 0: self.open_pop_up() else: raise urwid.ExitMainLoop()
[docs] def cancel_button_clicked(self, _): self.action_cancelled = True raise urwid.ExitMainLoop()
[docs] def create_pop_up(self): must_select_dialog = UrwidWarningDialog('You must select at least one fact') urwid.connect_signal(must_select_dialog, 'close', lambda _: self.close_pop_up()) return must_select_dialog
[docs] def get_pop_up_parameters(self): return {'left': 0, 'top': 1, 'overlay_width': 32, 'overlay_height': 7}
[docs]def query_for_important_facts(actions: List[Action], facts: Optional[List[Proposition]] = None, varinfos:Optional[Dict[str, EntityInfo]] = None) -> Optional[List[Proposition]]: """ Queries the user, asking which facts are important. Args: actions: Actions used to determine or extract relevant facts. facts: All facts existing at the end of the game. Returns: The list of facts that are required to win; or `None` if `facts` was not provided; or `None` if the user cancels. """ if facts is None: # No facts to choose from. return None present_facts = set(facts) all_postconditions = set(flatten(a.postconditions for a in actions if a is not None)) relevant_facts = sorted(all_postconditions & present_facts) def _get_name(var): if varinfos is not None and in varinfos: if varinfos[].name is not None: return varinfos[].name return var.type # set up boxes checkboxes = [] for fact in relevant_facts: signature = Signature(, [_get_name(var) for var in fact.arguments]) fact_str = str(signature) cb = urwid.CheckBox(fact_str) checkboxes.append(cb) # run quest_querier = UrwidQuestQuerier(checkboxes) loop = urwid.MainLoop(quest_querier, [('popbg', 'white', 'dark blue')], pop_ups=True) if quest_querier.action_cancelled: return None # don't return, even if the user selected items else: checked_facts = list(compress(relevant_facts, [cb.state for cb in checkboxes])) return checked_facts