Source code for textworld.agents.walkthrough

# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the MIT license.

from textworld import Agent

[docs]class WalkthroughDone(NameError): pass
[docs]class WalkthroughAgent(Agent): """ Agent that simply follows a list of commands. """ def __init__(self, commands=None): self.commands = commands
[docs] def reset(self, env): env.display_command_during_render = True if self.commands is not None: self._commands = iter(self.commands) return # Commands already specified. game_state = env.reset() if game_state.get("extra.walkthrough") is None: msg = "WalkthroughAgent is only supported for games that have a walkthrough." raise NameError(msg) # Load command from the generated game. self._commands = iter(game_state.get("extra.walkthrough"))
[docs] def act(self, game_state, reward, done): try: action = next(self._commands) except StopIteration: raise WalkthroughDone() action = action.strip() # Remove trailing \n, if any. return action